Let’s Talk Grooming (Four Essential Items A Man Should Never Leave Home Without)


 Whether your taste is more inclined to a backpack, satchel or even a fanny pack, there are a few important items a man should never leave his house without. Personal upkeep is paramount, and in this rivalrous age, absolutely anything to give you an advantage should be experimented with. The whole notion of a man being rough and aloof in regards to image and self-presentation gladly has diminished over the years. More than just resonating on a visual level, adding these items to your traveling bag can enhance your health; mitigating issues that could otherwise be problematic in the future. With that said and not just limited to this, here are four items a man should never leave his house without.

Lip Balm 

                 There is absolutely nothing more unappealing than dry, parched puckers (pardon the exaggeration) but let’s be honest, it’s quite unsightly. The occasional licking of lips might do the trick but if you struggle with dry skin you might want to up the ante just a few more notches. Unfortunately for me, I have the habit of constantly losing my moisteners. That is until I found EOS. I think partly because of EOS’s unique sphere shape it is always clutched away in my palms; and if I may add, the strawberry flavor is probably the best tasting. Again the benefits are myriad, ranging from moistening to SPF protection, and gladly, it is one of the least expensive products you’ll ever need.

Hand Sanitizers

                “Cleanliness is next to godliness,” my mom would say and I agree totally. There are instances where you simply can’t find a restroom and this is when this bad boy comes in handy. While you may depend on a wall-mounted unit, perhaps you should invest in a small personal bottle. Extremely convenient, these gels and rinses host a variety of advantages over regular hand washing. Similarly to the prior product, hand sanitizers are quite inexpensive.

Sun Block

                 Melanin can do so much and no more. Usually, we believe that unless we’re going to the beach or an afternoon trek, sunblock isn’t really necessary and that where you’re wrong. There is an alarming amount of persons who brave UV rays daily, completely ignoring the scary thought of skin cancer. Not only that, but this is a good way to prevent facial brown spots, blotchiness and skin discoloration. Nobody wants premature aging skin! man or woman.

Hand Cream

                Funny story, I recently started shaking hands again. Yes, if you were greeting me you probably had to settle for a fist nudge or a hug. My hands have always been one of my bigger insecurities. Regardless of my regime in the past, nothing seemed to help. One of those family traits I wish had skipped me. More recently I realized that by simply traveling with a pocket-size bottle I could increase my amount used during the day, and that has honestly helped significantly. Consistent upkeep is very important so even if you have naturally smooth skin, it is advised to lend support in maintaining this.

               The inclusion of these items in your daily rituals can only benefit you. Improving your health and appearance without breaking the bank. It is entirely your duty to secure your wellness while looking and feeling good in the process.

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