Unlocking Your Style.

The biggest contributor to your style is confidence; Knowing exactly what makes you feel your best, and more importantly, what makes you comfortable. Unlike fashion or trends, style gives you the opportunity to express yourself in your most authentic form. Being confident is all about being in synch with who you are, loving what you’re aware of, and being unapologetic about it. The same applies to your style. Figure out what makes you feel your best, after all, you can’t go wrong. How you choose to express yourself with your clothes is your decision, and while you may occasionally incorporate trends, being stylish will always set you apart from the pack.

The real beauty about style is that it deviates from the norm. Your style is individual and rule-breaking, and while it is not always appreciated, it demands respect. So get to know your style more intimately; experiment and be open to looking like a complete fool. The only important thing is that you feel good about what you wear. 

The whole notion of someone not having style is bogus. If this is your mentality – lose it. There are no set rules for style, and that’s what makes it liberating. Style eliminates all man-made assertions about how you should see yourself. It puts you in charge of far more than just the physical. 

While trends can be demanding on the pocket, style is understanding. Your grandfather’s old shirt can be paired with your favorite sneakers, or your mom’s prom dress can be reimagined into the jumpsuit you’ll wear on your date this weekend. The need to be current is simply overrated, and frankly, a mind game. Being able to keep up with trends surely is commendable (I guess ), but I also know thrifters who will put labels and trends to shame! The secret ingredient to anything you wear is how you carry it. Be strong, be bold, and more importantly be you.

This year is all about unapologetic self-expression in every aspect of your life, and that includes how you dress. Forget the unnecessary rules that confine your size, skin color, height, and uniqueness to a particular  ‘look’. This one life you are given has only one director, so stop letting extras come in and run your show. Control your narrative and own your ‘sauce’, because today onwards no faux should be given. 

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