My Scary Experience With Veganism.

Being vegan involves a great deal of intention. You need to know exactly why you are doing it and hold steadfast to that. I have gone vegan twice in my life, and both times were for different reasons. My first go was maybe a year and a half ago. I had been living in Miami for just a few months, cooking every day, and eager to try new recipes. During this time, spiritually, I felt I was going through a unique transition, an awakening if you may. I was completely turned off from meat, and the idea of sacrificing animals on such large scale didn’t sit well with me.

My first experience was everything I thought it would be. My mind and body were in the best shape of my life, and this lasted for roughly seven (7) to eight (8) months. Unfortunately, I had lost more weight than I would have liked. I still ate in portions like I would when I was eating meat, something I soon realize was a big mistake. During this phase I was extremely busy, I was in my final semester for my Bachelors, and holding down two part-time jobs.

Balancing my life and eating vegan was no easy task. Every vegan knows that if you fail to plan and prepare meals you cant won’t succeed with veganism. For the most part, I was on top of everything. I Meal prepped on Sundays which lasted until Wednesday, then prepped again on Wednesdays to serve through to Sunday.  I was pretty consistent until I wasn’t. I had lost a gang of weight and I knew I had to get myself together. 

With this revelation, I decided to get my eating back on track. I woke up one morning and headed to the bathroom to start my day. While sitting on the toilet, scrolling through Instagram I felt the strangest feeling I had ever felt. Everything thing went black. That day, for just a few seconds I felt true fear. I could not speak or control my own body, then suddenly, nothing. I woke up on my bathroom floor a while later. I felt fine but there was this throbbing head pain that had me confused. I proceeded to touch my face and could feel blood gushing from a wound over my eye. My right eye was swollen shut for three days. I knew exactly what had caused it, my diet was the only drastic change I had made during this time and I immediately went back to eating meat following professional advice. 

While it was a scary experience, I felt it was partly due to my effort, or lack thereof. Last year for my birthday (September-2018) I decided I needed a year-end cleanse. Again, no meat. I remember attending a monthly training at work and feeling the worst chest and back pain I had ever felt, it immobilized me throughout the procession of the training. I was honestly too afraid to say anything. Eventually, it subsided. Again, I immediately knew what had caused it. 

Since my last experience, I have gone back to eating meat. The idea of being vegan is still intriguing, but my next go will be aided with proper research. It is a lifestyle that demands time, something I, unfortunately, cannot give currently. If you are thinking about it, go ahead. There are many benefits and your body isn’t mine. My only warning is to make time for it, give it a real shot, and gather as much formation as you can.

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